Stillwater Bands
Stillwater Area Schools District #834
Stillwater, Minnesota

Stillwater Bands Mission Statement:
To create an environment through music that will foster,challenge, motivate, develop, and demand excellent musicianship skills and performance.The Stillwater Band program is dedicated to “Striving for Excellence” in all musical and educational forms. This includes providing challenging performance opportunities and connecting the importance of music as an integral part of the Stillwater community culture. We believe band combines the best of creative skills, kinesthetic ability, dedication, maturity, and is a vital component for students to become responsible and mature adults giving them the skills to succeed in all facets of their life.


Withrow Elementary Bands 
Marine Elementary Bands
Summer "Explosion" 
Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble
Lake Elmo Band
Oak-Park Band 
Stonebridge Elementary Band (grade 6)
Stillwater Sinfonia
Summer "Explosion" 
Lily Lake Elementary Band
Stillwater Junior High Bands (grade 7)
Rutherford Elementary Band (grade 5)

Andersen Elementary Band
Stonebridge Elementary Band (grade 5)
Stillwater Sinfonia
Summer "Explosion"

Oak Land Junior High Bands (All)
Afton-Lakeland Elementary Band

Stillwater High Jazz Combos
Rutherford Elementary Band (grade 6)
Stillwater Summer Jazz Clinic
Stillwater Sinfonia
Summer "Explosion"